About Aviation College

Aviation College Townsville is the premier flight training and air charter provider in the Townsville region. With generations of local knowledge within our ranks, we are focused to providing our clients with a superior service, one that we believe our clients deserve. The professional staff at Aviation College are committed to a high safety standard to ensure our clients receive the best that can be offered.

Our experienced flight operations team is always on hand to ensure the safe and efficient movement of your chartered aircraft. Whether it’s a business meeting, transporting staff and equipment or a tropical island get away, Aviation College can ensure you get there with none of the normal hassles associated with air travel in the 21st century. From your initial enquiry to disembarking at your final destination, you can rest assured that our team will have every step planned and organized to ensure optimal safety and efficiency. You name the time, place and our local team look after the rest, it really is that easy.

Our team of highly proficient flight instructors are committed to providing our students with the tools and knowledge for their flying career. We strive to provide a standard of training that far exceeds the minimums required, pushing the industry standards to a much safer level.

Based at Townsville International Airport, student pilots will become accustomed to procedures used in all areas of aviation. Undertaking your flying training from the Townsville airport, you will be using the same runways and facilities as international flights, commercial airlines and military aircraft from day one.

Students gain the skills and ability to operate in almost any situation with Townsville’s Air Traffic Control services being provided by the Australian Military with most types of airspace available within an hour’s flight from base.