Ratings and Endorsement

Aviation College offers advanced specialty courses for the following Endorsements:


The Aviation College is authorised to train you for a Recreational Pilots Licence, a Private Pilots Licence and the Commercial Pilots Licence. The Aviation College is currently the only school available in Townsville for tuition for the Flight Instructor Rating. We will then recommend when you are eligible to sit the exam with one of CASA’s authorised testing officers.


The Aviation College has a professional team of Flight Instructors ready to coach you for an endorsement on your Recreational Pilots Licence. Give us a call to gain more freedom and have the privileges of the these extra endorsements

  • Controlled aerodrome endorsement
  • Controlled airspace endorsement
  • Flight Radio endorsement (requires an aviation English Language Proficiency assessment)
  • Recreational Navigation endorsement


The Aviation College has the facilities and aircraft you need for further endorsements for an aircraft design feature. Once you have your Pilots Licence you can challenge yourself to fly an aircraft with Retractable Undercarriage. High performance aircraft have an undercarriage system that retracts to reduce drag when not in the landing configuration. You will learn the concepts and practical application of operating an aircraft with this feature.

You also have the opportunity to become endorsed for Constant Speed Unit propeller aircraft, this feature is one that allows the propeller’s blade angle to change so as to take better advantage of the power supplied by an engine.

For further information and bookings, our friendly team at the Aviation College are waiting to take your call.


For the issue of a Night VFR rating on your Pilots Licence, give us a call at The Aviation College for your required skills and knowledge and have the freedom to fly Day or Night VFR. Explore the town and country under the stars and see the city lights from above, we have all the guidance you need, call the Aviation College to secure a booking now.