Tony Beauchamp

Tony has worked in the Aviation Industry for 42 years and has an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge in the industry. He started life as an avionics engineer and at the same time commenced his flying training. He has flown as Pilot in Command in a multitude of aircraft types all over Australia and is one of the few people to have flown an Airship as Pilot in Command. As the Aviation College’s Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor, he is the ultimate referee in all things relating to Flying Training. Not only does Tony teach what the text says but he can demonstrate the subtle nuances that only someone with vast experience understands and can effectively relate this to all students. Tony is passionate about flying he is also passionate about producing quality student pilots that are practical, capable and ultimately safest pilots in Australian skies.

Eva Richards

Commenced her flying career in a Piper Warrior PA28161, in Moorabbin Victoria, July, 1991. Gained Private Pilots Licence in the Cessna C172 in Townsville, June 1999, promptly followed by a night VFR rating and C172R endorsement. Flew Command across the country in September of that year from Townsville to Darwin and back in the Cessna C172R and competently achieved Commercial Pilots Licence, November of that same year. Eva is currently enjoying advanced tuition, and employment with us at the Aviation College as a Charter Pilot in the Single Engine Cessnas flying daily to Palm Island with million dollar views of the Islands of the Queensland coast, Townsville and surrounds.Instructor Rating is on the horizon, as is an anticipated Multi Engine Endorsement with ongoing studies to further her career in Aviation

Lindsay Gordon

Aviation College Commercial Pilot and Company Safety Manager. Lindsay has worked in the Aviation industry for 45 years as an Instrument Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and an Avionics Technician. Lindsay commenced flying in 1975 obtaining his Private Pilot’s Licence the following year and gained his Commercial Licence in 1985 with a Night VFR rating completed in 1986. Lindsay was involved for some years training in competition Formation Flying with the Royal Aero Club of NSW, he holds an aerobatic endorsement and will obtain his instructor rating early in 2016. Lindsay has an Advanced Diploma of Aero skills (Avionics), Diplomas of Business and Business Human Relations. Diploma of Business (Frontline Management), Cert IV in Training and Assessing and has completed a Course in Lead Audio. Lindsay Currently flies on any number of our regular chartered flights across to Palm Island in any of our fleet of Cessna Single Engine aircraft and will soon be endorsed for our Chieftain with Twin Turbo Engines.

Takanori Yaguchi

Taka commenced his flying training at International Aviation Academy of New Zealand in Christchurch in 2012. After completion, he relocated to Melbourne and completed his instructor rating at Interair Pty Ltd in mid-2014 and continued to work for the company for a further 4 months as a casual grade 3 flight instructor. He subsequently moved away from the aviation field for 2 years but he did not give up his flying career as it is a passion and he aimed to resume flying as soon as possible. After working for a variety of companies in Darwin and Cairns, he was offered a position with Aviation College in Townsville. He is now enjoying the resumption of his flying career and loves sharing his passion for aviation with his students and fellow flying instructors.

James Earnshaw

James Earnshaw is our Deputy Chief Pilot and CFI. He commenced flying gliders at the age of 15 with the Airforce Cadets and from there he progressed into powered aircraft at 16. James has studied at New Zealand’s Massey University, graduating with a Bachelor of Aviation, majoring in Air Transport. He completed his Instructor Rating with Flight Training, Manawatu at Feilding in New Zealand in 2011 and has worked as an instructor with the University of South Australia for a number of years. James has spent the last couple of years flying in South East Queensland and has relocated to sunny Townsville to further his career.

Ryan Niemandt

Whether it was growing up beneath the flight path of departing aircraft from Johannesburg International Airport, in South Africa, or flying choppers with his old man who held a PPL remains up for debate, regardless of which, "the flying dream was too ingrained to ever disappear" says Ryan. Following on from high school, Ryan took a 'career detour' and completed a communications degree in New Zealand. This subsequently led to working within media production and emergency communications. At 26 years however he decided to finally scratch the flying itch and completed a double Diploma in Aviation (in Airline Integration and Flight Instruction) through the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand. Since then Ryan's flight experience has seen him gain operational and charter experience around Northern and Eastern Australia, as well as amongst NZ's Southern Alps. He relocated to Townsville to join the team as one of our line pilots and instructors and embraced the unique Townsville lifestyle.

Grade 1 or 2 Instructors

Aviation College is always on the lookout for suitably qualified Grade 1 or Grade 2 Flying Instructors. If this sounds like you, and you would like more information please contact Tony Beauchamp on 07 4772 6620 or email admin@aviationcollege.com.au with a cover letter and a resume detailing your experience, certification and technical skill.