A Few Of Our Fleet

172 S “Skyhawk”

Our Training aircraft are single engine 172S Cessna’s equipped with Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit navigation and control systems. This system is similar to the navigation and control systems used in today’s modern airliner. The cruise speed of these aircraft is 115 Kts with a seating capacity of 4 (including pilot). These aircraft may also be used as charter aircraft when required.

G1000 "Glass Cockpit"

The Garmin G1000 “Glass Cockpit” is generally considered the industry standard entry level electronic flight instrument system. Designed and manufactured by Garmin, in association with the world’s leading General Aviation Aircraft manufacturers, the system replaces the older analogue style instruments, creating a powerful, yet simple to use interface which is perfect for both Private and Commercial Pilot Training.

172 RG

Our single engine Cessna 172 RG is a training and Charter Aircraft with Retractable Undercarriage, and a Constant Speed Unit (CSU) propeller. It cruises at 125kts and seats 4 including the Pilot and can carry 100kg of Freight depending on fuel carried and number of passengers.


Our second Twin Engine aircraft is a Piper Chieftain PA 31-350 which cruises at 180 Kts and can carry 10 persons including the pilot and a limited amount of freight. This air-conditioned aircraft has retractable undercarriage, Constant Speed Unit propellers and turbocharged engines.

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